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November 2008 (BC)

From Socktoberfest to NaKniSweMo

No, I haven't started speaking in tongues, November is "National Knit a Sweater Month", a parallel to NaNoWriMo. The challenge is to knit a sweater of 50,000 stitches or more in the month of November. Here's what I have so far:

That is the back of A Cardigan for Arwen, out of Berroco's Comfort in Rabe. Several of the folks that knitted this pattern on Ravelry made major modifications to it, but I'm going to roughly try it as is, and if I want to make another later, I can decide what I would do differently. Although, I have done the hem by provisionally casting on, then knitting a hem stitch with a body stitch, so I don't have to sew the hem later. That's just a crime against nature. Here's a close up of the stitches (the yarn is a solid color, any shading is due to light and shadows):

In a while, we'll be departing for our biannual dentist appointment. I have the best dentist and dental hygienist in the world. This from a person who had total fear of dentists. Now, even if I have to have a filing, it's no worries.

Of course first, we'll be heading to the polls to vote. With our state already a lock for our party, it doesn't matter that our county usually goes the other way. Then, all that's left to do is wait. I hope it's decided quickly and of course, I hope my guy wins.

What it all boils down to is who best represents your interests, which are not going to be the same as your neighbor, and may not be the same as other people in your family. But neither option is bad or evil, and anyone who tries to convince you of that only has his or her own interests at heart, not yours.

Even then, wanting to accomplish it and getting it accomplished are two very different things, due to both sides (yes, both sides, we're all guilty of it, so nobody gets the moral high ground in this one, I've watched the West Wing, I know what's *really* going on) not being able to compromise, because everything is so polarized.

Which is why I'm still in favor of anarchy.


'A visitor' left this comment on 4 Nov 08
You said it sister! I am just glad we can still vote our conscience in this country. I pray it continues to stay that way. Happy Poll Day!

Loopy Goodness

First of all,

As the picture above suggests, we waited until after the dentist appointments to vote, hence the dark photo. However, there was enough light left to show you this:

I was just about overwhelmed at the Loopifiable Loopifiedness of it all. And, this marked my first shipment with the Loopy Kisses-Chocolate Edition. (Summer heat is not kind to chocolate loopy kisses.) Let's introduce these lovelies one by one.

The yarn on the right has an interesting story. I saw this yarn, Araucania Forest solid, and thought it would be perfect for Ramblin's dad. So I ordered it. Later I was looking at my Ravelry stash and saw that apparently I had that same thought when we were in Springfield. Maybe it's not the same color, I thought. 104. 104. Cr*p.


Looks pretty different to me. I would have been able to use it regardless, but I'm very pleased to have two unique yarns to knit with.

Next, let's talk about that beauty in the middle. That's Theresa's Italian Vineyards, from the Loopy Legends line by Zen String. The last time this popped up was before our vacation, and I couldn't justify an order right before I was going to be there in person (silly girl). Then, it came up last Monday in the sneak-up, and I told myself I didn't need it. That worked until Friday, when I was forced to take advantage of the Trick-or-Treat sale. Forced, I tell you. Anway, this came along for the ride.

As gorgeous as that may appear to you, it's even more astounding in person. How could I have ever though I didn't need that?! It's purple, it's green, it's perfect!

Speaking of purple and green,

(It's purple and green, trust me)

Rio de la Plata in Grape Rosin. It reminds me very much of my much-adored Trekking, and it supports Uruguayan women.

So, I have plenty to knit tonight as we await the results. As if I didn't before.


'A visitor' left this comment on 6 Nov 08
I can't see purple without thinking of you. And of course green makes me think of Chris. and now I see she thinks you're rubbing off on her. green and purple. makes me want to buy more yarn and I have enough for a decade or two.
'A visitor' left this comment on 4 Nov 08
Freaking gorgeous!!!! I love those purples, yes I said it. If you could see my stash closet, the predominance of purple surprises me. You must be rubbing off!





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What you said!

How could I forget the Spooky Socks?!

Well, it was probably in the rush of setting up the entire Halloween display, distributing candy, and taking it all back down in one day. But nonetheless, there they are in all their spooky glory.

A Cardigan for Arwen (ACFA?) is progressing. I have the back done, and have started on the front/sleeve/hood. For those of you who have not looked into the possibility of making Arwen, it's got some interesting construction. You cast on the front, knit for about a foot, then cast on for the sleeves longways (that's the best description I can give without a schematic), and then you also continue on the neck stitches for half of the hood. There's been quite a bit of modification done by several knitters, with several mentioning sleeve width and length. Since I have baboon arms, I'll need to plan for this.

I haven't cast on any new socks since finishing the Halloween socks. I know, I know, something's wrong in the Universe. I have some in mind for the Ravelry Sockdown! - November challenge. The challenge is either the November Mystery Sock, a WendyKnits pattern, or a slip-stitch pattern. I *think* I want to make the Lava Flow Socks by Sockbug from my Claudia Handpaint Purple Earth. But I need to keep in mind that I need to have a pair of socks knitted for Ramblin's mom for her birthday. Not that two pair of socks in one month should be a problem at all.

And now, I'm going to try to knit away this very trying day.


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STR Raven Series+Zombie Socks+Nearly Done= very happy knitter

I like your Halloween inspired socks too!

Progress, I haz it

Let's give this a try.

Wooo!!!!! That is a picture not uploaded to Blog-city, but from Flickr. Sweet! I had been thinking that it was kind of a waste of Interwebs storage to upload it twice, since all the knitted stuff goes on Ravelry. Oh yeah, back to Arwen. I have completed the back, left front, and half of the left sleeve. Check out this cable.

It's reversible. Which means, I can't just purl the purl stitches on the cable rows. Yeah, I just lost the non-knitting readers with that statement, but trust me, it keeps you on your toes.

Speaking of toes, there have been no socks cast on since the completion of the Spooky Socks. I *could* finish the two pair I've abandoned.

Uh-huh. I could sure do that.



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Yes you could, but WILL you? Candy thinks you are rubbing your purple off on me!!
'A visitor' left this comment on 12 Nov 08
Wow, you are moving right along. Beautiful.

Latest Acquisition

Since the sun will never come out in a timely fashion for me to share this with you all, here is my Briar Rose Fibers' Grandma's Blessing in all its flashified glory.

Eee. Yeah, the flash does it no justice, but maybe it will be sunny again one day.

I strongly suspect that when I get it in daylight - even more lovely. Although, I'm pretty smitten with it now. The Briar Rose Fibers booth at Greencastle is always a stunning array, and every year, I'm too overwhelmed to make a purchase. The Interwebs provide a perfect buffer to allow me to think straight and actually pick something out.

I ordered this Sunday and got it today. That included a mail holiday yesterday. Friends, that's lightning-fast shipping.

So, there you go, I have done my enabling for the day.


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Jealous (1)

Well, that was quick

Hmmm, how did it get to be November 25?

We've been just a bit busy. We visited with Ragged and Cynical. We went to my mom's for first shotgun deer season, with Ramblin filling both tags in a day. In between, there was the usual work/sleep cycle.

And, for those of you keeping score at home, xmas is a month from today. That's right, 30 days.

There's also been precious little sun when I need it, so you'll be treated to flashy pictures until spring. Sorry 'bout that.

I got my third shipment of Wool2Dye4 undyed sock yarn club.

That is W2D4 Bamboo Two Step, a sock pattern with an innovative-sounding heel, and a sample of Eucalan grapefruit (yummy!) wool wash. You need a closeup of this yarn. Here.

There will be one more shipment March-ish, then I can decide what my favorite is. As a reminder (because I myself had lost track) I have received Socks2Dye4 and BFL Ultra . So, I think the final one will be the Platinum Sock.

And Arwen, she's still progressing.

What remains is one half of a sleeve, the hood, and side seaming. Then Aunt Viola, it's done. The NaKniSweMo deadline shouldn't be a problem.

I have some socks in progress again, finally. But the colors are so pretty, I think I'll wait until Friday, when I will be 'not shopping' and can get a good daylight pic.

Tomorrow Ramblin and I will be heading to my mom's, in preparation for consuming the Best Bread Dressing in the World, also known as Thanksgiving. It is the most heavenly, moist, succulent, sagey, savory (wiping drool off the keyboard) stuff ever. None of that nasty, dry, 'crack-a-windshield' brickbat dressing. No sir.

Hope everybody has an excellent Turkey Day!


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Will admit that I am not a grapefruit fan, but I really like the Eucalan version. I use it every time I wash my handknits. :)

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